Determining fair and equitable child support payments often becomes one of the hardest tasks when ending a relationship. Trust Podoll Law to help make sure the process runs smoothly.

Child support is a court-ordered payment one parent has to make to the other parent as a means of financial support when raising their child(ren). These parents are usually referred to as the custodial, or residential, parent and the noncustodial parent. Having child support can help with a number of expenses, including your child’s healthcare, primary education, child care and much more.

Whether you are the custodial parent or noncustodial parent, Podoll Law offers a variety of child support services designed to help you get the financial help you deserve.

One reason a parent seeks a child support lawyer is because they are looking to enforce child support that is not being paid. From late payments to no payments at all, the attorney at Podoll Law will fight for your rights and get you the money you deserve.

Whether it is a loss of income or other factors, we understand that sometimes having the financial means to pay child support isn’t always possible. However, failing to or refusing to pay child support is never a good idea. This can create even more problems and can result in contempt proceedings, driver’s license suspension, interception of tax returns, retroactive payments, and even jail time. While many individuals believe child support can only be reviewed every 3 years. This is untrue. If you feel your child’s support needs to be modify, contact Attorney Podoll immediately as waiting or putting the call off may reduce your ability to address arrearages.

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