Whether you are newly separated, divorced or recently faced a declaration of paternity, chances are high that you will need the child custody services from the qualified team at Podoll Law.

Fighting for custody of your child can be a long and complicated process for most parents to navigate. While there are child custody issues for both prejudgement and post-judgement cases, it can be confusing to figure out which one pertains to you and how that can affect your custody case.

We understand the many stages of a custody case — and the stress that comes with it. Instead of feeling left in the dark, trust our experienced child custody attorney to help guide you through the custody process so that you understand your legal rights as a parent and feel confident as we aggressively pursue routes to protect those rights. We are here to advocate for you and will help you every step of the way.

Too many courts can be consciously or unconsciously biased toward mothers fighting for custody, leaving fathers at a disadvantage. At Podoll Law, we believe both parents are equally obligated to their children and we will fight diligently to make sure you are getting the best representation for your case.

Sometimes a custody case feels more like a battle as emotions run high. However, it’s important in your case that you remain respectful and calm the whole time. One wrong outburst can be used against you in an effort to diminish your character and drastically impact your outcome. While emotions are a perfectly natural response to these custody battles, you’ll be happy you have a level-headed attorney in your corner to help check your emotions and keep things in perspective.

There are several factors that will go into the Court’s final decision for who gets custody over your child. This includes everything from the mental and physical health of each party to the permanence of the current or proposed home to if the child has a preference of where they would like to live or with whom. Through thorough discussions and research, we will do our very best to develop a solid case so that you can present yourself as the optimal choice for your child’s wellbeing.

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